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A colorful extreme display of the Israeli director. Matana MiShamayim is quite different from Kosashvili's "Late Marriage". The primitive traditional family values (Georgian in this case) are brought here some steps beyond to present a comic macabre reality. Women ie. are portrayed in the film as objects to be used in the patriarchal chauvinistic society they live in. They are kidnapped, threatened, locked in a closet and often molested in order to channel shame on their husbands. On the other hand, they are always the center of of attention, encompassing every aspect of desire men have, thus they can control and manipulated men, but only to a certain extent - the head of the family (played by the amazing actor Mony Moshonov). Actors are doing a great job under Kosashvili's direction, and one can find similarities between him and Kusturica.一个身怀武功 ,为父报仇的传奇女子 ,年三十 ,大雪夜 ,火车轰隆 ,一场好戏上演了……她是人间精灵 ,也是飒爽公子。周迅获奖影片:2002第25届大众电影百花奖最佳女主角 ,《烟雨红颜》《烟雨红颜》赵宁静表妹和表哥的爱情悲歌 ,曾经相爱的两个人在时间洪流的冲击下 ,也变得生疏了 ,物是人非事事休……2006第25届香港电影金像奖最佳女主角 ,《如果·爱》 ,